Meet The Team


Ruth is the head coach and owner of GymWise. She is qualified to club coach level in Gymnastics, Trampolining and Pre-school Gymnastics. Ruth has sixteen years experience working as a qualified coach in both sports and some of her previous roles include coaching a gym squad, working in various sports centres and more recently as Gymnastics community sports coach for sheffield delivering curriculum and extra curricular classes in schools across sheffield and also delivering teacher training courses in gymanstics to primary school teachers. Outside of working at GymWise Ruth enjoys keeping fit and spending lots of time with her son.


Rachael is qualified to club coach level in gymnastics. She has been involved in the sport for nearly thirty years and has been coaching for eighteen years. As a child she began participating in gymnastics at age six and went on to compete at county level before moving over to coaching when she turned eighteen. Outside of coaching for GymWise Rachael delivers continued proffesional development training in gymnastics to teachers in schools. Her hobbies include kickboxing, for which she has been trained by a world champion.



Chloe is a club coach qualified coach in gymnastics and also a qualified gymnastics judge. She has ten years experience participatingin the sport and has been coaching for six years. Outside of coaching for GymWIse Chloe runs after school clubs at local schools. Chloes hobbies include caring for her six horses and she has been working with an international horse trainer for the past six years.


Georgie is a level one coach in both Gymnastics and Trapolining. She has participated in trampolining since a young age and competed in the sport at National Level. She has just completed her A levels and is now enjoying a year out before beginning university. Outside of work Georgie has a keen interest in music.


Angela is a level two qualified trampoline coach. She was involved in the sport recreationally as a young child and then took up trampolinng again as an adult which after four years lead to her completing her qualifications to become a coach. Angela also holdsa trampoline qualification specific to working with participants with disabilities. Outside of coaching for GymWise Angela has a keen interest in photography.


Tommy is the newest member of our coaching team and is a level one qualified trampoline coach. He is currently studying for his degree at Sheffield Hallam University and in his spare time he trains with and competes for Sheffield Hallam Trampoline Club. Tommy hopes to complete his level 2 trampoline qualification this year.



Claire is a level one qualified gymnastics coach and is also our club welfare officer. As a child Claire participated in the sport for eighteen years, competing at regional level before qualifying as a coach ten years ago. As well as coaching for GymWise as an occasional coach, Claire is also the Club Welfare Officer. Outside of working for GymWise Claire is qualified in sports rehabilitation. Her hobbies include keeping fit and spending time with friends and family.


Olivia is one of our young leaders at the club. She has participated in gymnastics for six years and is now working with Ruth to learn the skills required to become a coach and hopes to complete her first level coaching qualification when she turns sixteen next year.


Emily still paticipates in the development gymnastics class at GymWise and has been a young leader with us for the past four years. In June 2015 Emily qualified as a level one gymnastics coach and has now begun covering some classes. Outside of gymnastics Emily is studying hard for her A levels.


Shanelle is one of our older gymnasts who has now become a young leader in the classes she does not attend. She still enjoys participating in gymnastics and she is also a keen dancer.

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